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 The 5 Libraries of the angels

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PostSubject: The 5 Libraries of the angels   The 5 Libraries of the angels I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2009 12:42 pm

After the fall of Cronos the angels left 5 libraries on the world. These libraries held many texts on the subject of the worlds past. Now no one knows these things since the past has been stolen from the inhabitants and few know anything about the forces that where once at work, and are still at work to this day. These libraries where hidden away. Each of which contains precious information. The biggest book in each library is the most important of them all, since it basically cuts all the metaphorical stories and get straight to the point on all the subjects covered in the libraries. Unlike the other books these vast pools of knowledge were written by the 6 original angels themselves before their soul eventually faded away, or at least they say that that is what happened to the original angels. In the core of the shadow forest, a large stone written in an obscure dialect that nearly no one can read, are riddles and lines that mask coordinates to which these libraries can be found.

Recently a group of individuals have used a man known as "The lost one" to get this information and are now searching for the libraries for purposes unknown. The first library was destroyed along with its vast collection of old books and parchments in a fire created by "The lost one". The lost one took the main book that has all the important knowledge to the organization but to this day The lost one or any of his helpers are struggling to find the other libraries.

Having the collective knowledge of the most powerful spirits at hand could be dangerous, for it would definitely sway a future war in favor of he who holds it, for "Knowledge is power"...

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The 5 Libraries of the angels
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