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 [Storyline NPC] Ashigetsu Yumi

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PostSubject: [Storyline NPC] Ashigetsu Yumi   [Storyline NPC] Ashigetsu Yumi I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 11:10 am

Name: Ashigetsu Yumi
Gender: Female


As a spirit: Ashigetsu Yumi has no real true appearance. She can be what your mind wants her to be. To Mahou she has dark red hair, and cynical black eyes. She's devilishy beautiful but deadly as well. She is now a black hearted spirit, who used to be of white ethnicity or so it seems. As she is walking down the hallways, and the big encounter begins, she is a spirit of glowing blackness and evil whom just seems to stand out amongst the others, for she possesses extra light, since she was once a living thing.


Ashigetsu Yumi used to be a vampire, somewhat human more vampiric. Anyway, she lived in that same mansion that Mahou, Luffy, and Surpentheon are in. She, from centuries ago kept looking for a way to revive herself back to the form of her vampire nature. Once she is alive again the one said to have brought her back to life, shall serve as her blood tank to refuel her senses and thirst for blood. And what better way to do it then with a witch/angel/human, which is why she is after Mahou... or is she?

See Mahou, as stated in bio, is sweet kind and innocent, much like her old friend from when she was a kid. However, that same friend died, and looks and acts exactly like Mahou, thus she still seeks out her friend's spiritual reincarnation to join her forever. Ashi used to be in love with her friend though as that was a small other detail. She always used to lust for blood, but in chance she was also somewhat afraid of it, it wasn't till now that she has learned to appreciate her kind's need or blood, and has begun to like it.

Ashigetsu Yumi may seem evil but all she really wants for her friend is to be happy, and alive and well. And do the things she could have never done herself. As she is now dead, and the friend got a second chance, she should not screw this up. For, Ashi had to live with the guilt of actually killing her own friend.

Though she is a vampire, she has special abilities just like any supernatural being does, and thus uses them for evil as she has become black hearted. She and Cronos seem to be some important figures positoned on the dark side of this upcoming war, well she is after Mahou... could this mean Mahou is an important figure on the light side?

Ashigetsu Yumi means "Evil Moon Darkness" As she has become black hearted and unkind and cruel. She resides with the moon, as she has always loved the glowing light from it.. and now haunts the mansion.
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PostSubject: Re: [Storyline NPC] Ashigetsu Yumi   [Storyline NPC] Ashigetsu Yumi I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 4:07 pm

(bit late, but this should be approved)

great history and information, although i don't suppose you could give her a more solid appearance. like, give her a basic form and those who see her see a more distorted and changed appearance, but they all resemble one thing.

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[Storyline NPC] Ashigetsu Yumi
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