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•Please read the rules & how to play for some infos.

•Read the character template properly before creating the character bios.

•Edit the character sheets in your profile.

•Finish your character bios first then you can post in the forum.

•If theres anything more you wanted to know or need some help please PM the Administrator or Mods

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 Moderator Groups

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PostSubject: Moderator Groups   Wed Nov 11, 2009 6:19 pm

There are three moderator groups for which you can apply. They are the following:

RP Mod: A moderator with permission to accept RP relative applications and moderate RP boards.

Full Moderator: A moderator with moderation powers that span beyond RP specific boards and applications. Full Moderators can also ban members, change member usergroups, and utilize more moderator only functions.

Head Moderator: Only one Moderator can be in this group at one time. Basically the same as Full Moderator, accept he leads the moderators so Full Moderators must answer to and can be overruled by the head moderator.

Note that if you apply for Head Moderator and another is chosen for Head Moderator yet your application is still valid, credible and just you may be awarded Full Moderator instead.

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Moderator Groups
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