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•Please read the rules & how to play for some infos.

•Read the character template properly before creating the character bios.

•Edit the character sheets in your profile.

•Finish your character bios first then you can post in the forum.

•If theres anything more you wanted to know or need some help please PM the Administrator or Mods

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 How Can I Become "The Choosen One"?

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PostSubject: How Can I Become "The Choosen One"?   Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:17 am

"The Choosen One" is considered as the 2nd rank strongest player
To be in the group it must be choose by an Admin,
They will watch your post and stuff to see how you have been doing in your adventure or traveling( or wat ever)
There can be only 50 pplz to be "The Choosen One" from that,
The Admin will pick some pplz to be "Angel" as the strongest player/fighter

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How Can I Become "The Choosen One"?
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