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 ~Types Of Angel~

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PostSubject: ~Types Of Angel~   ~Types Of Angel~ I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2008 4:54 am

Angels are the strongest races and they have ultimate powers and there will be Six types of Angels here
Angel Of Dream: An angel who controls over other pplz dream it can be a horrible nightmare or a wonderful dream.Those dreams can happen really or it can be just a dream
Fallen Angel: An angel who fell and lost his/her light and wings(or lost from the beginning itself)
,then after getting a new wings from a devil or an evil angel who has dark wings
Angel of Death: Who can reap life, and detach the soul of a person from the dead body so he/she can continue his/her path.
Angel of Music: Who plays on the celestial choirs and compose celestial music.
Healing Angel: Who can heal others.
Warrior Angel: Who fights and engage in battle.

~Types Of Angel~ 17thsig
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~Types Of Angel~
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