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•Please read the rules & how to play for some infos.

•Read the character template properly before creating the character bios.

•Edit the character sheets in your profile.

•Finish your character bios first then you can post in the forum.

•If theres anything more you wanted to know or need some help please PM the Administrator or Mods


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what is Light & Dark forum?
Light & Dark forum is a creative, imagination based RP. imagination based
RP means that the restrictions are small. you can create a character
with many different races to choose from and if there's a race that
should be there that is not you can recommend one to a staff member.
there are many RP areas and an EXP/LV system so that you are constantly
making progress with every creative post!

General board rules
the general rules are pretty standard and simple such:
-Respect your fellow players and ESPECIALLY staff
-Do not abuse any member
-Do not offend other members {this includes racism, sexism, or any matter that could be dubbed offensive by the receiver.}
-Be sure to keep swearing at a minimum at at a mild level and do not use any swearing in a matter that is abusive to others.
-Do not post any illicit or sexual items. if you feel the need to link to any sexual content format it as such
the following link may host sexual or unsuitable content please revise the choice of clicking: [the link]

Creating an RP application
on all official RP applications, such as character creation, you need to follow the given template and you can feel free to add pertinent info if needed. guidelines to making these applications are found in the template and make sure to use the template because if any important info is missing your work will not be accepted.

Exp and Levels
LVs are a feature of growth that sets you above others instead of doing so with posts, which for spammers is not a good comparison and unfair for good Role Players. Gaining LVs is done by Raising your exp to a set amount and exp is awarded for good RP. for indept info on this feature please read the full documentation:
Click The Link Below It
experience for each LV AND How To Gain Exp

Occupations are the jobs that your RP character has. example: magician, warrior, etc.
a full list can be found here:Click=> Occupations

This is only an overview of the many features this forum offers for your entertainment. we strongly recommend you RP fans to give this simple yet fun forum a try! this information overview will be updated regularly.

-|MD| Luffy on behalf of the lightness & darkness forum staff
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Forum info first version
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